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Tuesday, 5 April 2011



"one's destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things." H.Miller

On board with AF to reach Stockholm the most green nature city fo Europe 

The luxury here is nature and simplicity of the swedish people.

Green Capital of the planet, let's start by Stockholm.

which preserve its past by developing its future with visionary way

Vâlkommentill Sver

ige, ett land vackert med en marin art ständigt närvarande. My little Paris...

At your arrival Open Late with departures at around 11:30 p.m. the Arlanda express for 220 SEK duration 20 MIN or the Airport shuttle 229 SEK around will allow you to join quickly the center of Stockholmif you haven't a free shuttle from your hotel. 

 MIDSOMMAR today, all is close: flowers are present on girlies head, in the street and this decoration gives more aesthetically appealing at this natural beautiful country.June still for me the best month for a enjoying sweden...
Inspired by Swedish folk art through the centuries, the Kurbits pattern combines graceful illustration and photographs of flowers in bright harmony. 

National Day on 6th June is also another period festival in Stockholm which allow to feel lappish for a week-end or as me for ever now.
Stureplan is the place to be for business or nightclubing (personnaly i'm no smoker & no drinker) but it easily to find a famous place  for a cocktail by asking to swedish people who talks a very good english.My favorite nightlife scene is BERNS  located close Stureplan with an open terassbar, modern music and the advantage to meet Stockholm gilded youth well-educated and ready to talk until dawn of the archipelago and sweden culture. 
Ostermalm the top of the top My favourite area
 for praying at Hedvig Eleonora church 

or visiting the

Close Ostermalm
 by foot you can cross the bridge and join Djugarden a concentrate of spots as: Let's start by Skansen an open air Museum with homemade products...

 Nordic big Six Wildlife
 Sea Lion
& Bear 
Typical wood house

Panoramic view from Skansen
before a final visit of the Wasa & swedish museum located in the same area.

Around Djugarden

 made with the red stone of the island of Oland
King Gustav

 Interior of ancient Swedish life style
Ways to receive
Royal Jewelry

Nice surprises await you in drawers just buy your ticket ..

After a cultural and historical break let' s jump on winter at Skansen
With first traditional Fika at Vete Katten 

with a trio of Selma, Kanelbular and Princess cake

 Entrance for a romantic walk 

Weather in February is supportabe and so much calmer and more typical
Wasa Museum
Back to Stureplan
with magnificient architecture
  and gustavian touch
with sturegalarian and swedish luxury shops & Spa

If you like the trip in a trip don't hesitate to book a night  return Stureplan-Alund on Birka Cruise offering sauna with outside view on expensive cottage during the cruise,hot bubble pool plus no tax on product purchase on board, and a dance floor for clubbers... duration 24hoursi recommend it during cold season.

Mushroom soup & Viking beer
A girl who meets a bit of shopping in a less pricey outlet called BAKARY  in south suburb bus 567 at Handelplatz station(Unbelievable 70% over Peppe Jeans Wadges shoes or Some famous Nordic Brand as Dale of Norway or Fjâll Râven...)


Back in Gamla Stan the medieval area with lots of local artist handmade shops.

Bridge at few blocks from Kungliga slottet royal palace and Slûssen
 authentic phone cabin
Hello is it me you're looking for tralalalala
Dorin DINOVO ambassador of Peace is a painting artist selling beautiful representation of Stockholm scenary in  Vâsterlânggatan street,I was also under the spell of the artist's work Heidi LÄNGE cotton bags.

 German church
 Some smalls street in Gamla Stan

 front Storkyrkan Church in Gamla Stan

                   Reeinder meat with vegetables

 For a panoramic view of the city, by stepsyou have Gondolennear Slussen station.

Back by foot to the accomodation in Ostermalm

T Centralen
 Stockholm is so beautiful that even the sun does not go to bed. This explains the blue sky that will go with me all night and rocked the city in an atmosphere of Midnight Sun.It's Midsummer and in one night we have done three selected club cause all were close only Bern's, sturekompaniet and spy bar.

Little break at royal garden  with scent of lavander before a canal boat tour nearest the park...
 Royal palace

 A canal boat tour
 That's why i love Stockholm you have nature and beaches in the city

Red Wood house
Sands Beaches in the city
Elk meat with vegetables at CC Restaurant.
Time to reach Gôteborg by dalahâst,
just a joke
 Brunch close Avenyn the glamour street with famous shops and restaurang in Gôteborg
Hasarem's bakery with XXL Kanelbullar in Hagen district at Gôteborg for Fika Fix.
 On winter, specially on December Gôteborg with liseberg is simple bewitching...
unbelievable no snow and a pleasant sunny sky in November
Gott nytt Ar 2011 from Skansen around 11pm,

 Ice bar nearest T-Centralen, before the fireworks around Stureplan and a Spybar's short dancing night with a lingonberry glass cocktail.
Romantik cultural stop 

Departure for the pearl of Stockholm one of his archipelago " Sandhamn " two hours by buying your one way ticket directly on Cinderella boat on the harbor side of National Theater

Living Stockholm city by boat it an opportunity to catch archipelago life style with swedish wood house design  and various wonderful boats, yachts etc....

                        Boat cross Nacka Strand waterfront at 25 km from central Stockholm

Sweden is full of suprises and amaizing natural spots

All is clean, calm and open to relaxation
The salty air annouces us that  we are near  Sandhamn Harbor

Without wasting a minute, after dropping luggage, heading Trouville sand beach...

After passing through a beautiful forest during 20 minutes, not a car horn or motorcycles, or tourist crowds.

Surrounded by greenery, lulled by the waves and the birds singing, feet in the warm golden sand.

 Under bright sunshine.
This archipelago is a pearl...

 Different from trouville beach but also relaxing and beautiful

Cute beach between colored  cottage

 with scenic sea atmosphere without big boats around

View from the Yacht hotel room on the harbor...

End of the journey on the Sauna before a course dinner
with view on the harbor 
Sweden homemade tasteful breads
medley of prawns, crab carpaccio
delicious seafood ...

Place to the midnight sun  before a funny party on boat with new friends and on the Yacht hotel dance floor ...

Picturate took around 11.30pm
 Back to Stockholm City
Kungstâdgârden, oldest park in Stockholm close royal palace for usual summer open-air living room
 Who said that sweden is not sunny ? :)

Sauna break in Djugarden in the middle of the city :-) then Arlanda direction for another top travel 
Nature is evrywhere in and around Stockholm city and that's the reason my hearth is keep by this country

Time to leave the most green and bleu city perfectly mix with modern builing and lifestyle

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You




P.M.S. said...


Mostly sunny and dry this week-end in Stockholm around 15° (Museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls ... Special night of April 9 when the culture institutions of Stockholm gather up to create a unique,unforgettable evening and festive in the Swedish capital)
from 6pm to 12pm. Enjoy it!


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Anonymous said...

Je suis deja allée à Stockhom et sincerement les photos donnent envie d'y retourner. Les photos refletent reellement l'atmosphere de la ville. Je recommanderais sans hesiter ce site à mes amis, s'ils souhaitent avoir un aperçu de la ville et des choses à faire

Anonymous said...

Joli début pour un blog de découverte culturelle!
Une petite suggestion amicale...: un fond plus printanier, avec des couleurs sympas et gaies serait le bienvenu pour mettre en valeur ces photos! All the best for your blog, dear Pona!

P.M.S. said...


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Enjoy it.


Vincent said...

La Suède est réellement un pays très accueillant et ces photos me donne envie d'y retourner une 3ème fois et de découvrir les autres régions.

P.M.S. said...


Stockholm Tap Festival at Folkets Hus, Årsta

Welcome to Stockholm Tap Festival 2011 !!!
STF is a 5 day celebration of tap dancing filled with daily workshops and evening parties.

Probably never seen yet! STF 2011 is going to be an even bigger and better event that you don't want to miss, this long week-end (21-25 of April). We will again offer classes by some of the best dancers in the world for students at any level, and a weekend filled with jams, performances, parties and so much more...

Soooo... SUNNY Around 20° Jag tror att du kommer att uppskatta

Andreas said...

Mycket inspirerande blogg om livet i Sverige och Sverige! Kul Pona! :)

Jag rekommenderar också att ta en båt från centrala Stockholm ut i Stockholms arkipelago. Där finns många vackra öar att besöka, t.ex. Fjäderholmarna och Vaxholm!

kram Andreas

P.M.S. said...


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